Conversation with OpenLoo: How to build blockchain data on the airdrop track

Recently, OpenLoo has caused great discussion. Why is OpenLoo favored by users? What’s so special about its mechanism and product design? How to build blockchain data on the airdrop track? With these questions, the author interviewed the founder of OpenLoo and will use this article to present readers with a professional on-chain automated airdrop DAPP to see what is special about it.

Q: Can you briefly introduce OpenLoo and the team to us?

A: OpenLoo is a DAPP mainly aimed at novice users, helping novice users to airdrop in batches with zero threshold. In other words, we are a tool to help users to airdrop. Of course, in addition to airdrops, OpenLoo also has batch Mint NFT, Coinlist Create new ones and deploy mining nodes and other services with one click. Our core team has been deeply involved in blockchain for many years and is composed of professionals from the world’s top technology companies and academic institutions. We have rich experience and expertise in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields.

Q: What do you think of the airdrop track? How does OpenLoo work?

A: In the current bear market, it is difficult to make profits through investment. Therefore, the “airdrop” format, which can be exchanged for a lot of airdrop returns at zero or small cost, has been welcomed by people in the industry, and some Many partners who do not understand airdrops want to join this wave, and this is exactly the case. According to incomplete statistics, more than 100,000 novices want to participate in airdrops. Therefore, this will be a very promising track. OpenLoo is an automated deployment of DAPP on the chain. Through OpenLoo, users only need to easily create a wallet address and link it with the DAPP application. When the airdrop event starts, users only need to enter their wallet address in the DAPP application to participate in the airdrop. The operation is very simple and convenient.

Q: How do you think OpenLoo should build blockchain data in the airdrop track?

As a marketing strategy, the purpose of airdrop is to allow the project to accumulate a large number of seed users in a short period of time to facilitate the incubation and promotion of the project. Therefore, interactive participation in activities can increase the probability of users receiving airdrops. However, due to the existence of a large number of wooly parties, the project team will only select those users who have truly contributed to the project to issue airdrops. Therefore, if the individual airdrop behavior does not find the focus, the busy time may be in vain. So how to solve it?
OpenLoo believes: In the world of blockchain, data is the answer. If you have a clear understanding of the entire project data, it will be easy to obtain airdrops. OpenLoo utilizes a wide range of data resources and uses a large amount of data to build a model specifically for airdrop data deduction. It can continuously learn and optimize through machine learning algorithms to provide users with more accurate and practical predictions and help users improve their success. The probability of getting an airdrop. It is worth mentioning that OpenLoo also carefully studied the data of each project and adopted different strategies and methods for different projects.

OpenLoo has proposed a brand new solution for the airdrop market. When implementing airdrops and other WEB 3 automation strategies, we will never slap our foreheads and act recklessly, never be empiricistic and never search for tutorials to imitate cats and tigers. How can these small-scale workshop behaviors not be allowed? In the context of OpenLoo? We use blockchain data analysis tools such as Footprint and Dune to write self-developed calling codes, deconstruct each valuable on-chain data, and then refine it through self-developed algorithms. This leads to multi-dimensional models and data culture such as probability, experience, expertise, market, and human nature to construct effective strategies.
In addition, every strategy OpenLoo puts on DAPP is the result of the unified collaboration of four major teams. Just start working after reading two or three crude tutorials, and rely on three to five cheap labor to interact. OpenLoo disdains this kind of brainless money-making business. Our strategy is not only rooted in excellence in experience and data, but also optimizes all processes in every detail, including real-time gas monitoring, native IP matching, independent currency mixing technology, meticulous contract invocation, and intelligent interactive operations. This strategy can ensure the efficiency, low consumption and safety of every on-chain and off-chain execution.

It seems that this is OpenLoo, an automated deployment DAPP on the chain that everyone is looking forward to.

About OpenLoo:

OpenLoo is a Web3 application that implements fully automated on-chain interaction. Products launched in the first phase include airdrop interaction for zkSync, starknet, venom and other networks.

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