Full ecological crypto asset trading platform – CXEX

Since the new launching of the CXEX.com platform, the number of registrations and transactions has been increasing day by day, and the experience of using the platform are satisfied by users, marketers, project developers, etc.

According to analysis, CXEX.com is positioned as a new generation full-ecological encrypted asset trading platform. They come with Spot wallet, OTC, and Sec Swap activities in the early stage. Of course it supports English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Traditional Chinese. The products are continuously optimized and iteratively upgraded. Industry insiders said that at a time when the regulatory policies of various countries are tightening, and the industry is facing almost “White-hot” competition, CXEX.com must have its own unique advantages to choose to enter this industry at this moment. The global top-notch team will be the cornerstone and most important of CXEX.com’s development growth engine.

Upon the research, CXEX.com was officially established in Year 2019. First batch users already have rich experience in the development and operation of trading platforms. They have lead and helped dozens of encrypted trading platforms to establish, build, and maintain operations. CXEX platform have considerable accumulation and experience in the blockchain field precipitation. The core team members are from top companies in Asia Pacific and North America such as Binance, Huobi, Tiktok, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc. Currently, there are more than 1,000 teams in Singapore, Hong Kong, North America and other places, implementing distributed full-time office work. In the early stage of the project’s development, it has received angel investment from well-known investors such as Silicon Valley Encryption Venture Capital, former of Garage Coffee partner, innovation workshop, etc. CXEX platform has reached in-depth cooperation with the industry’s top security agencies, mainstream media and governments in many countries and regions.

The comparison with the traditional platforms, the core realization goal of CXEX.com is to redefine “Exchange” and is committed to creating a new generation of full-ecological derivatives crypto asset trading platform. Through a top-notch team, professional technology, and all-round operation, it improves user service experience and spreads the value of blockchain. The crypto asset trading platform allows users from all over the world to participate in digital asset investment fairly, and makes digital assets a platform for digital assets. At the same time, it promotes the application of high-quality blockchain projects and makes social contributions to the development of the blockchain industry.

In terms of product research and development, the CXEX.com development team has an average of more than 5 years of senior development experience in securities and futures platform trading, and has leading competitive advantages in market quality, interface services, matching performance, wallet management and other fields. CXEX.com employ an advanced distributed cluster architecture, and the system is divided into micro-services to ensure that the platform can accommodate at least 10 million user throughput and ultra-high fault tolerance. The CXEX trading system applied a super efficient memory matching system, every order and transaction can be completed in a very short period.

CXEX.com is based on advanced architecture, comprehensive functions, powerful performance and security, and fully separates the front-end, middle-office and back-end of the transaction, so that the system functions of each layer are independent, the interface is isolated, and the in-depth protection system is formed, which is convenient for system functions and functions. Expansion and Security. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that CXEX.com has a deep understanding of the psychology and operation habits of most users, and has won high industry evaluations in terms of user interaction, visual and comprehensive experience.

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In terms of asset management and risk control, CXEX.com always adheres to high standards, strict requirements and zero loopholes. As a pioneer of security guards in the global encrypted financial ecology, CXEX.com relies on technical strategic support, and always puts the security of their assets in the first place in platform operation and maintenance and technology development for all users with CXEX financial system identities. The entire system is built with central bank-level security requirements. Whether it is the design of the underlying security architecture of the system, or the deployment of “Cold” and “Hot” wallets, we must strive for perfection to ensure security.

The platform organizes a specially developed matching engine real-time audit and risk monitoring system, which can capture abnormal data and asset changes in real time, deal with block or lock changes in real time, and feedback “alarms” to all risk control administrators immediately to prevent fraudster hack into the system. CXEX platform distributed deployment to intercept various risk access operations, uses high-intensity identification technology for phishing accounts and other intelligent risk control protection measures, and 7x24H real-time monitoring and early warning to provide users with high-level security protection.

Aim of CXEX.com is risk control is no trivial matter, but the guarantee of users is endless. In addition to continuously strengthening its own security, CXEX.com has also reached in-depth cooperation with well-known security agencies in the industry and the world’s top “White-hat” organizations, and has jointly carried out cooperation in various aspects such as vulnerability response and security testing, combining the technical advantages of Chinese-Western hackers, effectively improve website security protection capabilities to deal with globalized network attacks and increasingly rampant global information leakage and data trafficking. CXEX.com hopes that through collaborative cooperation, technology improvement, talent sharing and broader and more timely vulnerability response can be achieved, and the security level of the blockchain industry, especially trading platforms, can be improved.

CXEX.com’s market operations and customer service teams all have working experience in crypto asset trading platforms, or have worked in large multinational e-commerce service platforms, with global vision, product-oriented thinking, three-dimensional operation methods, and a real service position. From the perspective of user needs and experience, it can attach importance to user and community feedback, and summarize and coordinate to help continuously improve and upgrade products and enhance user experience. For the early and heavy users of the platform and the cooperative community, CXEX.com will provide a comprehensive benefits.

In fact, for new registered users, the CXEX.com platform is also continuing to launch various welfare activities. Including individuals, institutional investors, acceptors, market makers, project parties, communities, KOLs, ratings, media, etc., all industry and ecological participants can experience consultation.