The BlueArk Metaverse Platform Token “BRK” Skyrocketed Hundreds Times In Half-Year

“The Blue Ark” metaverse entity concept store

BlueArk was officially launched on Sept 1st, 2021. It only takes a half year and the market capitalization of platform token BRK already soared over 400 times. The Blue Ark, a metaverse entity concept store in the ecology, will open at THE PENINSULA Hong Kong on Wednesday, 2nd, 16th. Various renowned brands, artists and creators will be there, including The Sandbox, Ruby9100m, Mizuki Nishiyama, SANKUANZ, Kwai Bun, Meowdel NFT and South China Morning Post, etc.

According to recent development, BlueArk DAO is fulfilling its promises step by step, The most attractive thing is the launch of the BRK Staking Pool that will provide 45% APY for participants., and the total staking amount is over 100 million HKD in only 14 days.

Total Lock Value of “BRK staking pool” grows explosively and hits 100 million HKD

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On March 23rd, 2022, BlueArk officially launched “BRK staking pool” on BlueArk NFT Marketplace. A bit of background information on staking: investors get rewards by locking up their crypto assets into the platform. BRK staking pool allows users to lock up their BRK in the BlueArk platform and earn BRK as a return. The concept is like a fixed deposit, while ARY is as high as 45%, far above returns from traditional investment.

Therefore, the BRK staking pool gets a lot of attraction and staking from investors after the launch. As the information shown below, BRK staking pool register 24,254,278 BRK in just 5 hours. After three days, the amount of staking tokens already reached 1,421,632,972 BRK(around 8 million USD), increased 6200%.

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The trend of increase has no signs to stop and continuously reaches an appalling number. On April 1st, 2022, the amount of staking tokens is over 2,500,000,000(around 12 million USD).

The total Value Locked in the staking pool is over 100 million HKD in 14 days(see picture below), which is astonishing.

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The reason that total lock value of “BRK staking pool” hits 100 million HKD

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It’s not hard to understand that the total amount of BRK Staking Pool can be over 100 million in a short time is mainly because of the extremely high annualized returns.

At present, traditional financial products, such as insurance, banks deposits, funds or buying property for rent, tend to have single-digit returns (such as 3-5%) and their value increases haven’t simply kept pace with inflation. BRK Staking Pool is divided into different levels with different rewards based on staking time (see the picture above). Among them, the highest level is Level 7. As long as the staking time reaches 365 days, the annual interest rate can be as high as 45%, which is far beyond the return of common investment.

The second reason is its flexibility. Users can redeem their staked amounts in BRK Staking Pool at any time, while the system will refund the capital and give the rewards to them. Traditional investments all take a long period to get a return, mostly five or ten years. Moreover, monthly installments would add financial burdens to investors’ lives. One of the things that most baffles investors is that the full amount of the capital will not be refunded if the payments are terminated before the scheduled date, which often puts investors in a dilemma.

The third reason is its credibility. Founded half a year ago, BlueArk has been fulfilling its promises and launching its projects step by step according to plan, including founding the unique NFT Marketplace and setting up the first Metaverse Entity Concept Store in The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. In March, BlueArk announced six good news on official social media, including the launch of the well-known trading platform LBank, the launch of BRK Staking Pool, and the weekly live broadcasts by the CEO and Creative Director, which have all been realized. It is not hard to see that the project manager is committed to maintaining the development of the whole project to make users have confidence in them.

The fourth reason is its upside potential. When participating in BRK Staking Pool, users need to lock their BRK tokens on the platform, which will greatly reduce the flow of BRK in the public market. Less flow means less supply of BRK on the market. Less supply means higher prices based on the simple law of supply and demand. Since the supply of BRK is becoming less and less in the market, the price of BRK will increase. Then the FOMO sentiment is aroused which makes more investors rush to buy BRK and stake them, thus forming an upside cycle.

Why “BRK Staking Pool” can provide APY up to 45%?

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According to BlueArk’s white paper (the picture above), 60% of the total issued BRK tokens will be given back to users in the new form of “participating and mining”. This is different from traditional mining and users can earn rewards in different ways by participating in the ecosystem on the platform. one way of them is to get rewards by staking BRK in BRK Staking Pool.

This way in which users are rewarded for participating in the platform ecosystem benefits the whole project in long term. It’s because the winners are obviously the participants rather than the project initiator. The participation of users is not only to earn rewards, but also to contribute to the platform and help maintain the ecological stability of the whole project. Moreover, it reflects the user’s affirmation and confidence in the platform.

How to become users and participates in BRK ecology?

Users who want to participate in BRK ecology and earn APY up to 45% can purchase BRK in the public market. BRK is a cryptocurrency that needs to be purchased with USDT(Tether) on the crypto exchange.

USDT is issued by Tether, and the tokens in circulation are backed by an equivalent amount of U.S. dollars, making it a stablecoin with a price pegged to USD $1.00, while the price of HDK is pegged to USD. Therefore, Hongkong users usually buy 1 USDT with 7.8HKD, then purchase cryptocurrency with USDT.

For people who don’t know how to operate, or do not know about cryptocurrencies and NFTs, there will be professional staff ready to explain and provide support on-site.

Besides, BlueArk will provide the USDT preferential exchange price of 7.7 (which is cheaper than the general USDT exchange price in the market!) to people who visit The BlueArk concept store. New users will be given a very valuable Gummy Villain NFT designed by BlueArk creative director Dough-boy. You can refer to all promotion offer details on the latest news posted on Instagram(see picture below).

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Except for giving away UST preferential exchange price or NFT, The BlueArk will launch an exclusive NFT exhibition “Transhumanity” in April 2022, by our valuable partner Ruby 9100m . This exhibition will showcase the feminine violent world of Ruby9100m, a trans-human digital character, with a series of artworks, sculptures and art installations, creating a unique cyber experience that has never been seen before for our visitors. More details can refer to content posted by BlueArk on Instagram.

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About BlueArk

BlueArk is the bridge and medium that the imagination and creativity of all humanity bring to the vast Metaverse.

The business of BlueArk includes art, creation, music, video, multimedia, game, smart chain and concept store. BlueArk will make use of advanced concepts and technologies such as blockchain, NFT and AI to provide space and possibilities for creators all over the world, so they can pursue their creativity and imagination, and create more value for their creations. BlueArk will bring every creator to the ark, so they can be prepared for the big bang of the metaverse soon. Technologies such as 6G, virtual reality, extended reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain are all ready to boost, virtual world and the real world are going to combine seamlessly, the metaverse will soon become a real-world operation, rather than a thin vision, and the speed will be unimaginably fast. Right now, the human race only has two choices, to follow the trend, or to be left behind.

BRK is the native token of BlueArk. Through the concepts of NFT, Defi and GameFi, we will create a metaverse financial ecosystem with BRK as the currency, which will give substantial economic value to all people’s creations and works and help all participants to develop a broader and boundless digital business field, create a better life and achieve bigger dreams. Furthermore, to contribute and to take a major part in the DeFi system in the metaverse. The progress of the concept and technology of the metaverse is bringing a huge evolution to reality. BlueArk is ready to take every person to the borderless metaverse on its ark.

In the second stage of its development blueprint, with the support and assistance of powerful partners and groups, it is not far away for BlueArk to gain a leading position in the cryptocurrency and metaverse industry. We believe the goal set by the Blueprint is not just grandstanding. Now as the second stage is near completion, we can swipe our eyes to see the future development of BlueArk.

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Address: BE 1&3 The Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Kowloon Hong Kong, SAR